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Remember when you had to take time out of your daily schedule to go shopping at your local stores and face issues with long lines, parking, weather problems and wobbly shopping carts? Well, gone are those days! Today, almost all purchasing and trade are done online resulting in faster delivery policies, convenient shopping, easier return policies and a variety of payment options. In today’s economy, businesses of every type and size is gathering, storing, transmitting and processing information online. However, the ease and convenience that comes with online transactions are accompanied by a certain amount of risks. There are a variety of issues that arise from online transactions. For example, some merchants ship the products but never receive their payments. Or customers make payments and never receive their items or they receive a damaged product that they are unable to return. 

The World Legal Form has been established to provide efficient and high quality legal advice on a variety of issues related to trade disputes and payment disputes between online processors, merchants and aggrieved consumers offering a mediation process for small online transactions. The forum focuses on the following aspects of legal issues:

E-Commerce Disputes

Consumer Protection

Payment Disputes


Using The World Legal Forum



You can post/submit any complaint that you have pertaining to an online transaction and our legal experts will get into contact with you offering their expertise and knowledge to help you resolve your online trade or payment dispute.

Consumer Articles

Our forum consists of a variety of different articles with valuable tips and advices on various consumer related issues. Our articles are focused on improving your knowledge as consumers making you aware of your rights as consumers.

Consumer Interaction

We provide you with a platform that you can use to interact with other consumers who may be dealing with the same disputes as you are. Our forum allows you to get into contact with these consumers, to share your experience and to learn from each other.

Case Studies

With the approval of some of our previous clients, we provide real online trade and payment disputes that we successfully mediated and provide clear insights on the grounds on which our clients could pursue their claim. This is to help you in deciding if you have the grounds to pursue a claim that you wish to pursue.

Tips on Preventing Online Disputes

The best way to prevent online disputes is to know your merchant. Before buying from a merchant, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. 

Have you ever heard of the merchant before?

Is the merchant reputable?

Do you know anyone who has purchased from this particular merchant?

Is their website secured enough for you to provide your credit card information?

Does the merchant have a return policy just in case something is wrong with your order?

Does the merchant accept multiple payment options?

If you are unable to answer these questions, do not engage in online transactions with the merchant you are considering. If you are able to answer these questions but still have doubt or run into complications after making your purchase, contact us and we will assist you further.


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When you do not know what to do or who to turn to for legal advice, turn to the World Legal Forum!

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TestimonialsBrian T. Maddux

The World Legal Forum has provided me with the legal strength and advice that I needed to resolve my conflict with Lenovo. I had purchased several laptops from them for my office but my order got misplaced and with the World Legal Forum, I would not have gotten a discount.

TestimonialsMary H. Wright

The World Legal Forum has been very helpful. The articles and consumer guide are very insightful. They have helped me to increase my knowledge as a consumer and to understand my rights. I am more confident making online purchases now as I am fully aware of my rights. 

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